Givens Taxidermy

211 South Main Street, Stuttgart, AR 72160                                                        Phone 870-673-6010

Diane Givens is a Nationally Certified Taxidermist. Her work is just as acclaimed a Ricky. She is the backbone of the business and if you visit the showroom, you are likely to meet her because she is there every day. Diane handles most of the customer contacts including calls and shipping. Together, Diane and Ricky have adorned an entire wall with ribbons, awards and accolades in the showroom. They travel together teaching seminars in colleges and Taxidermy conventions across the United States. 

Rick Givens

Diane Givens

Ricky Givens is a Nationally Certified Taxidermist in ducks and game heads. He has won blue ribbons in national competitions as well as many best of show awards. Ricky has also won the Nation Award of Excellence and Arkansas Award of Excellence in taxidermy. Ricky Givens is lifetime judge and instructor for the National Taxidermist's Association and has judged the National Taxidermy Association and numerous state and regional taxidermy shows in states including: Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Florida, and Arkansas. Ricky studies and researches constantly to develop innovative new techniques in his art.