Givens Taxidermy

Unmatched Quality

Givens Taxidermy has always been a family business. All pieces are handled with care and attention by Ricky and Diane Givens. For over 20 years we have built relationships with our customers while providing quality mounts at an affordable price. We are known for beautiful duck mounts with a fast turnaround time. We give every piece the artistic attention it deserves. Over 80 percent of our business consists of repeat customers including many duck clubs. We pride ourselves on creating the highest quality taxidermy at an affordable price and timely turnaround. The wait time for a Givens Taxidermy mount is one of the shortest in the country, and most of our customers receive their work back within a year. 

Unrivaled Craftsmanship

From the custom sculpted duck bodies to the individual feather setting, each duck mount is a unique, painstakingly crafted work of art. We avoid shortcuts, mass-produced components, and quick fixes. You can expect no less than consistent, top-notch waterfowl taxidermy. We are proud to share that most of our award-winning mounts are customer mounts. Every duck mount that leaves our shop is show-room and competition quality

Stuttgart, Arkansas, family owned and operated taxidermists who produce nationally recognized waterfowl and duck mounts.